Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Joomla16 can't open file

Multilingual site usually keeping content under language shortcuts.
I mean for English  site/en/  ; for Thai site/th ; for Slovak site/sk...

Here is problem: When I moved Joomla16  to new server one language dissapeared.
English content was ok, but Slovak empty. No db only, part of Sk website.

it was white screen, long time really (1-2h)
I tried write a new article, a new setup and debug. After that nice alphabets:
"can't open file"

Better than nothing before, but Googling wasn't my friend.

Really strange, because other two servers with same Joomla16 database and data were ok.

Later I suspected some knobs in .htacces files.

##commented out next line if causes errors
# Options +FollowSymLinks

I still not finished setup other things, like ssl-certs, tarpid, mails so if I'll have problem to find some usefull sugestion on net with next problem, I will share again.

PS: Did you try OpenBSD? It is surprisingly good, thought sometime rigid.

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