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I do share the enthusiasm of people who love creativity and not by a user of a finished product. In this small article I share my experience with the wonder (PC) box HELMER from IKEA.

This hardware provide a backup web server.

What was the motivation?

Hard disks are fragile, and when strike a windows virus or another disaster then valuable data can end up in the digital heaven.

After several years of experience with a faulty drives, bored of copying and restoring Terabytes, I decided to do an upgrade of my central data storage (NAS).

The requirements for new data storage were the following :

    simple administration
    an easy extension (upgrade)
    data loss resistance
    data security (encryption)

I did use bit older hardware because performance was not my priority, but safety comes first.

What procedure I chose?

The first step was the cabinet. The inspiration was a Linux cluster project, set into HELMER IKEA cabinets.
It offers enough space for the future adding HDDs, and possibility to add another MiniATX server in same cabinet ...

First step was the PSU and the motherboard.

Later I revealed that my solution is a bit unfortunate because the system was heated more than I expected.
HDDs temperature ranged between 21 and 36 ° C.

Present discs location. Another variant will be the two fans in front.

Cables connected and successful launch of the system.

Helmer FreeBSD NAS Server


System (FreeBSD 9.0) is running reliably couple of weeks.

About the system settings I will write next time.
Basic settings and how to setup the discs I have described here.

Much useful information is the site of the FreeBSD project, but please be careful. Theory and practice are varying things.

Also you have any similar projects, or advice described on the NAS server?

Original version HERE

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